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Bollé X1000

Bollé X1000

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Newest generation of ballistic goggle, the X1000 adapts itself to your every need.
The X1000 offers the choice: of interchangeable lenses which can be adapted for use with or without prescription spectacles. Certified to the STANAG 2920 standard with a ballistic resistance higher than 221 m/s, the X1000 is the ideal goggle for extreme situations.

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Bollé X1000 [ Rogue Store ]
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Ballistic Resistance

Clear lens: V50 220.7 m/s (795km/h)
RX clear lens: V50 212.5 m/s (766km/h)
Smoke lens: V50 217.2 m/s (782km/h)
RX smoke lens: V50 216.2 m/s (779km/h)
Yellow lens: V50 215.7 m/s (777km/h)
RX yellow lens: V50 209.6 m/s (755km/h).